Count down to the grand opening of “Big Norms Welding Shop”


How many welders can you fit into a weld shop?
Well, currently, no less than 5 welders are working at any one time in AMC’s Welding area and this can sometimes prove to be a bit cramped. So, with Health & Safety in mind what is the solution to this predicament?
INVESTMENT! Yes, we have invested in a new welding container, fondly named “Big Norms Welding Shop”.
This new container will allow AMC to undertake additional jobs as well as any “Clean” welding jobs in an environment ideally suited to the task ensuring the highest quality finishing on our stainless steel welding.
Norman, who has worked for AMC for 10 years will be the boss of the new welding shop, and has a wealth of welding experience.
The new shop is due to be up and running in the next few weeks, so watch this space!