A Very Merry Christmas from AMC

Well, it’s nearly Christmas and another year is coming to an end and AMC would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and extend our very warm wishes for a prosperous 2018.

The Twigger family would especially like to thank all our staff for all their hard work this year. Here is a little Christmas ode, in the style of “Good King Wenceslas” in preparation of the AMC Christmas party this evening!

13099-multiple-musical-notesGood King Twigger looked about, all across his kingdom 13099-multiple-musical-notes

All the staff did run about, making sure he’d seen them!

Brightly shone the welding torch, though the work was cruel,

Is that the end come into sight?………no that’s just the Laser’s light!

Come on lads we’re nearly there, Good King Twigger chorused,

When you’re done, we’re out tonight…………..Cheers! And Merry Christmas!!!