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Variety is the spice of life………and Business!

AMC have added another string to their bow, we have just completed these impressive gates for a valued customer. Fabricated from aluminium and powder coated in gunmetal grey, they look fantastic. Proving that AMC is a company that can offer diversity to their customers. Who knows what AMC will make next…..!

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Welcome to AMC’s newest mechanical addition, it’s……….’Flad the Impaler’!  Don’t panic, we haven’t created a mechanical version of the 15th century sadistic madman! No, we are happy to announce the arrival of our new Fladder 200 Gyro de-burring machine!! This machine is the smallest of the Fladder family but still packs a punch being both…

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A Very Merry Christmas from AMC

Well, it’s nearly Christmas and another year is coming to an end and AMC would like to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and extend our very warm wishes for a prosperous 2018. The Twigger family would especially like to thank all our staff for all their hard work…

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You don’t have to be a footballer to win silverware!

HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!! Our very own young gun Taylor Woods has taken the Welding World by storm by winning not just one but two awards! Taylor embarked on a 4 year Apprenticeship through AMC studying Welding & Fabrication at Central Sussex College in Crawley. Not only has he nearly completed the course, he has…

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Breaking News!......."Big Norms Welding Shop" is officially open!!!

Yes, I know you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear more news about “Big Norms Welding Shop” and who can blame you, the excitement over here at AMC has been electric!! Following our blog back in May this year Big Norm has settled in nicely, undertaking various welding jobs in the shop…

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Getting to know the Twigger family team

It’s always good to put a face to a name and for those of you who don’t already know the Twigger family team here’s a little light hearted refresher. Managing Director – Tony Twigger Some say that just a single look can make you feel 10 feet tall, or bring you sobbing to your knees….

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Getting to know the Top Office staff at AMC

Andy Cooper Fondly referred to as ‘Cooperman’ Andy is the longest serving member of staff here at AMC, joining us back in 1989. Loyal and dedicated he is company man through and through. There’s not much he doesn’t know about the intricacies of AMC and with his good natured bonhomie both colleagues and clients know…

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Say Hello to the new SafanDarley E Brake Machine


To fold or not to fold……. That is the question! Yes, we have added to our range of CNC Press Brakes. AMC are proud to present the SafanDarley Finn Power E Brake 150-3100 TS 1. With a pressure force of 150 tonnes and working lengths of up to 3 metres, the new E Brake allows…

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Introducing the Haas Mini Mill 2 Milling Machine....Rise of the Machines!!


No, we haven’t installed an indestructible cyborg called Arnie ‘The Terminator’ Schwarzenegger!! But we are very pleased to announce further investment in the Haas Mini Mill 2. Yes, exciting times here at AMC headquarters! The Mini Mill 2 is a nifty CNC machining centre which handles small-parts manufacturing and is ideal for finishing work and…

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Count down to the grand opening of “Big Norms Welding Shop”


How many welders can you fit into a weld shop? Well, currently, no less than 5 welders are working at any one time in AMC’s Welding area and this can sometimes prove to be a bit cramped. So, with Health & Safety in mind what is the solution to this predicament? INVESTMENT! Yes, we have…

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