News Letter


Exciting times for AMC Sheet Metal Fabrications Ltd, as the Company has achieved even more growth despite the difficult times and are now heavily investing again into state of the art technology and facilities, in order to enhance our commitment to the Quality of Products and Services to all our Customers and our future growth

AMC is adding to the current range of manufacturing processes and facilities:-

Laser Machine – Trumpf TruLaser 3030 fiber machine with a 3 x 1.5 metre bed capable of cutting up to 20mm Mild Steel, 15mm Stainless Steel, 15mm Aluminium 6mm Copper and 6mm Brass

We have also this year installed 2 off Safan E-Brake B100-3100 3 metre 100 tonne Brake Presses in March and are moving into an additional modern Industrial unit with Offices and 6,400 square feet in June.

As a Company we can offer the full range of manufacturing processes Laser, Punching, Forming, Rolling, Welding, Fabrication, Studwelding, Inserts, Finishing, Powder Coating, Assembly and Silkscreening as a

One Stop Engineering Solution for all our Customer’s needs